Cover Art for Parade Runner

Parade Runner

Release Date: December 15, 2015

Platforms: iOS, Android

Parade Runner – the endless running game developed for IOS. 

What would it be like to rob a bank, only to discover when the cops arrive that your only escape route is blocked by an endless parade? FIND OUT NOW!

Bernie Boybear is not a good criminal, but he has great cardio. Help Bernie as he races headfirst into an oncoming parade and attempts to escape the law.

  • Sprint up, around, and over a variety of parade floats
  • Get on top of the parade balloons to earn coins and dodge dangerous hazards
  • Climb onto a minicar to avoid costly crashes
  • Compete in fun daily and weekly challenges
  • Go up against Facebook friends for the highest score
  • Break a piñata for bonus prizes!

Parade Runner is optimized for iPhone 4s and above. iOS 6 or later OS version is required