How we (didn’t) name TASTEE

This is the story of how we changed the name of our game 3 times (twice while we were live). This isn’t an advice article, or even a “here’s what we learned, apply it” article. This is just a quick story about our struggle to name our game. Our journey was far from perfect, it was full of potholes and we still don’t know how it will turn out, but hopefully you’ll find some value in it (as we did), even if it’s just a good laugh. With so many fantastic games on the market today, the name of your game can mean the difference between a click on your banner and being passed over for the next [...]


1st Time PAX Exhibitor – Things We Learned

PAX Prime 2015 was the first time that Skybox Labs has been at any conference, and it was a real learning experience for us. While titles we’ve worked on have been shown by other publishers, Lethal Tactics was our first time representing ourselves at an exhibition. It was a fantastic experience for us, and not only did we learn a lot about showing a title at a convention, we learned a lot about how people perceive our game and what really resonates with players.  It was an awesome opportunity to engage with the community and we had a great time. There are some fantastic posts already on Gamasutra about devs’ time preparing for and presenting at PAX and [...]

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