What We Do

SkyBox Labs is a game development studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We’ve developed alongside some of the industry’s best publishers on world-class franchises like Minecraft, Halo, and Age of Empires. We also develop our own games  – such as TASTEE: Lethal Tactics. Our amazing publishing partners include Microsoft, DeNA, Electronic Arts, and GungHo. 

SkyBox covers all of the traditional game development disciplines, with a team of over 100 members.  We work on all of the major gaming platforms (console, mobile, and desktop) and specialize in creating new game concepts from scratch. Design is one of our major studio strengths, especially when it involves bringing fresh ideas to new customers.

Our development process underlies everything we do at SkyBox Labs. Our team prides itself on moving fast and proving out the core of our designs as quickly as possible. We’ve found that the key to making great games is iterating rapidly to find the ‘fun’ first. We like to pre-visualize our ideas to make sure everyone is on the same page, and then get early prototypes in front of users as quickly as possible to validate our design assumptions. We layer on depth and usability once we know we have something magical.

Life at SkyBox Labs

The Story So Far

Over the past few years, SkyBox Labs has evolved from a team of 8 people to a studio of over 90 developers. Throughout that transformation we’ve worked hard to preserve the atmosphere of a small studio and our core values of transparency and openness. Right now we have the best of both worlds: we’ve maintained the flat structure of a small company, but are also large enough to work on a variety of projects.

There is a real sense of comradery on the SkyBox team, built on the mutual respect and trust between the founders and the staff. Our flat structure underscores the open and supportive nature of the SkyBox team: regardless of their level at the studio, everyone is accessible and receptive. Meanwhile, our diversity of projects provides the opportunity to work with big names in the industry and also to flex creative muscles on IP projects.


Sole Development


Modernizing Classics

New IP

Open Positions