SkyBox Labs Monthly – July 2017 | New Prizes Announced for TASTEE’s ‘Beat the Devs’ Tournament

Hey, we’re SkyBox Labs - a game studio based in Vancouver, BC, that does three things: Create, Develop, Play. We Create games, Develop games for our partners, and Play games! Here's what we've been up to in July: Sign Up for the Next TASTEE Tournament and Beat the Devs!  We’re excited to announce our next TASTEE: Lethal Tactics community event: Beat the Devs! The rules are simple: Beat the devs, win a prize! This will be a standard async-match tournament – with a twist! Every player that advances to the finals will take on a member of our development team. If you can beat one of us, you’ll take home a special TASTEE prize! Winners will be taking [...]