SkyBox Labs Monthly – September 2017 | Watch the New SkyBox Labs Twitch Show!

Hey, we’re SkyBox Labs - a game studio based in Vancouver, BC, that does three things: Create, Develop, Play. We Create games, Develop games for our partners, and Play games! Congrats to the TASTEE: Lethal Tactics 'Beat the Devs' Tournament Winners! The Beat the Devs tourney has wrapped! Congrats to the three community members who came out victorious and took down our dev team: Passy Kundovich Wizaro Elementaro Lord Newbie Each of the winners will be taking home a custom 3D-printed prop from the game! If you'd like to see how it all went down, you can view their matches in-game or watch our recap on YouTube. In the meantime, stay tuned for more TASTEE updates and community events! [...]