SkyBox Labs Monthly – April 2017 | New TASTEE Content!

With some great work done on TASTEE: Lethal Tactics and Age of Empires II HD, we’ve had an awesome April – here’s what we’ve been up to:

The Backyard Colosseum DLC Map is Now Available!

We’re excited to launch the first of a number of new TASTEE maps, the Backyard Colosseum!

Located right across the TASTEE diner, the Backyard Colosseum is where mercs cut their teeth and train between missions. What better place to test your mercs’ skills than a modern day scrap yard Colosseum? This arena is filled to the brim with tight twists and turns where scrappy battles quickly erupt. Prepare to battle for each step you take in this claustrophobic setting!

Map Features

  • A combination of tight corridors and long lanes to benefit every unit
  • Unique randomization options for each section of the level
  • Breakable barriers everywhere for surprise shotgunners
  • Explosive barrels to light a fire under your feet

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Age of Empires II HD Patch 5.3 Now Live!

Patch 5.3 has left open beta, and is now live for all players! Thanks to all who participated in this open beta; we really appreciate your patience, and your input has been essential to ensuring this build is ready for live release!

As always, we will continue to monitor the forums and we look forward to hearing your feedback in this discussion thread!

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