We had another busy month at the studio! This month we’ve got news on new TASTEE content & events, partner projects, and a charity stream:

The TASTEE Day of the Dead Skins Are Here

We released our coolest DLC yet: the Day of the Dead Skin Pack! Featuring the 12 most colorful skins you’ll find in the game, the DOTD Skin Pack celebrates Día de Muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday where people celebrate deceased friends and family members with beautifully colored altars, among many other things.

In related news: we’re also organizing a new tournament! The Tournament of the Dead will be the most challenging TASTEE competition to date since every round will introduce a different restriction: maybe you won’t be able to use your favorite sniper, or maybe you and your opponent will have to play with the same characters. Who knows?!

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SkyBox Labs is proud to help bring Halo 5: Guardians to Xbox One X

From Xbox.com (Inside Xbox One X Enhanced: Halo 5): 
SkyBox Labs has been a great partner co-developing Halo 5, Halo 5: Forge, and things like our “Overtime” update which includes adding Xbox One X support for 4K. They were instrumental in helping us deliver the Xbox One X enhancements, and I am excited to continue this partnership for our future projects!

-> More Info at Xbox.com

Marathon For Meals Charity Stream

Our friends over at East Side Games are putting on a 24-hour Twitch stream this weekend to raise money for the Vancouver Food Bank. We’ll be joining in on the fun, along with a handful of other Vancouver studios. It kicks off this Saturday at 10am PST on their Twitch channel – We’ll be on Save at 5pm. Come join us!

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