Happy Halloween! We’ve got a great update for you this month featuring a bone-chilling TASTEE update, and some exciting studio news.awesome April – here’s what we’ve been up to:

Announcing the Day of the Dead Skin Pack!

We’re happy to announce our latest set of skins – The Day of the Dead Skin Pack! This new pack includes 12 skins, featuring some of the wildest and most vibrant TASTEE designs yet including:

  • Ares as Lady Calavera
  • Denton as The Undead Desperado
  • and The Baron as Barontula, the Spider King.

As a special Halloween treat, we’ve added Seraphim’s Day of the Dead skin to the game for free. She’s available right now – just check your character selection screen! The rest of the skins will be available when the Day of the Dead Skin Pack releases on November 13th – Wishlist it today!

Exciting News From the Halo Livestream!

343 Industries recently had a lengthy livestream featuring all things Halo. Our work on the Overtime update was mentioned alongside a plethora of fantastic Halo news. We’re proud to work with such amazing partners and can’t wait to see the update go live!  You can watch a recording of the stream on YouTube, or read the recap on HaloWaypoint.com.

-> Watch the Full Stream

SkyBox Labs is Growing!

Business in Vancouver recently reported on BC’s game development scene and highlighted SkyBox Labs as the studio with the largest increase in employment! Check out the article here on biv.com.

And we’re still growing! We have a number of open positions. If you’re looking to make great games, head on over to our careers page.

-> View Open Positions