SkyBox Labs Set to Launch Three New AAA Game Development Studios in BC

Halo Infinite co-developer, SkyBox Labs, to launch SkyBox Metropolis & SkyBox Solo in Metro Vancouver, and a third studio in Victoria, BC.

VANCOUVER, BC, 18 August 2022 – SkyBox Labs is launching two AAA game development offices in Metro Vancouver. SkyBox Solo, a 20,000 sq. ft. space, will open in Burnaby’s The Amazing Brentwood area. SkyBox Metropolis, a 12,000 sq. ft. space, will open in Burnaby’s Metropolis at Metrotown area. In addition, a third studio, SkyBox Victoria, will launch in Victoria, BC. 

Coming off the successful launch of Halo Infinite, SkyBox Labs is seeing another growth spurt. “With Halo Infinite, our team was able to showcase more than just our engineering skills. We’ve been fortunate to contribute to the title’s UX/UI, design, animation, character art, environment art, lighting, tech art, production, and QA. The new studio spaces will give us ample room to grow as we continue to work on Halo Infinite and more,” said Shyang Kong, Co-founder, SkyBox Labs. 

SkyBox Labs will grow to over 250 team members in 2022. The studio is actively hiring for engineers, designers, producers, artists and more as the team continues to work on Halo Infinite, projects in the Minecraft universe, Fallout 76, and a number of upcoming unannounced titles including partner projects and internal IP.

About SkyBox Labs
SkyBox Labs is a game development studio based in Vancouver, BC, Canada that has developed titles alongside some of the world’s top publishers including Xbox Game Studios, Wizards of the Coast, and Electronic Arts. The studio is currently co-developing Halo Infinite, working on projects in the Minecraft universe, supporting development of Magic: The Gathering Arena, supporting development of Fallout 76, and developing unannounced titles including partner projects and internal IP. For more information visit