SkyBox Labs Monthly – February 2017 | Who won TASTEE’s Daily Mission Deadliest challenge?

It’s been an awesome start to 2017 at the studio! Check out what we’ve been up to:

Congrats to Rogdhor, Winner of the Daily Mission Deadliest Challenge

The TASTEE: Lethal Tactics Daily Mission Deadliest challenge – a grueling 5-day test of tactical prowess – is complete! Over 5 days players took on 5 different missions, the average of each day’s score amounting to their final ranking.

Congrats to our top three players:

1) Rogdhor (average score: 63358)
2) TheNameIsBob (average score: 62158)
3) ubq (average score 61054)

Full results here:

It was only a matter of time before Rogdhor, a very active member of our community, won a TASTEE challenge. He’s written incredibly detailed guides for TASTEE: Lethal Tactics, which you can check out here:

Thank you again to everyone who participated! Hope to see you at the next challenge!

Our next community event will be an async tournament kicking off in March! More details next month, but you can sign up to save a spot the tournament now -> Save Your Tournament Spot!


Age of Empires II HD: Open Beta 5.2a – Available Now.

Thank you for your ongoing feedback and support!

Feedback from 5.2 has been positive so far and we have identified an additional area for optimization based on the community’s observations around late game performance. We have included this improvement, along with a few bug fixes, into this small update. So far our internal testing has shown improvement but we look forward to hearing what you think before we transition this build to the live branch!

Detail and installation instructions can be found here:


What’s going on here?

Meet Jesse, Ali, and Oscar – three of the newest members of the SkyBox Labs team and awesome additions to our Twitch stream team! They’re testing each other’s bravery while streaming an ongoing Resident Evil 7 letsplay. In this clip, we find out whether Ali is as easily scared as he claims…

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