SkyBox Labs Monthly – March 2017 | The Guns & Gladiators Tournament is Coming!

We've got a great update this month: a new TASTEE tournament, Age of Empires II HD updates, and we're on Instagram! The TASTEE ROYALE: Guns & Gladiators - Sign Up for our Next Tournament! We are excited to announce our next tournament, The TASTEE ROYALE: Guns & Gladiators. The tournament will be an asynchronous PvP single-elimination bracket tournament. Signups will be open for the next 3 weeks, and we'll be announcing the tournament bracket on Monday, April 17th. The TASTEE ROYALE: Guns & Gladiators: The tournament begins and ends in our newest map, the Backyard Colosseum - a makeshift arena built for both long-range combat and close-quarter skirmishes. The new map will be added to the game in [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – February 2017 | Who won TASTEE’s Daily Mission Deadliest challenge?

It's been an awesome start to 2017 at the studio! Check out what we’ve been up to: Congrats to Rogdhor, Winner of the Daily Mission Deadliest Challenge The TASTEE: Lethal Tactics Daily Mission Deadliest challenge - a grueling 5-day test of tactical prowess – is complete! Over 5 days players took on 5 different missions, the average of each day's score amounting to their final ranking. Congrats to our top three players: 1) Rogdhor (average score: 63358) 2) TheNameIsBob (average score: 62158) 3) ubq (average score 61054) Full results here: http://tasteegame.com/daily-mission-deadliest/ It was only a matter of time before Rogdhor, a very active member of our community, won a TASTEE challenge. He's written incredibly detailed guides for TASTEE: Lethal Tactics, which [...]

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