SkyBox Labs Monthly – March 2018 | A New TASTEE Map, Twitch Vancouver & New Jobs!

This month, we've got an awesome addition to TASTEE, news on an upcoming Twitch Vancouver event, and we're also growing! TASTEE Has a New Map! We’re excited to announce that a new map will make its way into the game and TASTEE Elite members are able to try it out in the beta branch first! This octagon-shaped map is a massive map ideal for 6 vs. 6 combat, where you’ll have to be relentlessly meticulous with your movements. Each section of this repurposed cartel warehouse offers distinct advantages for each Merc and is filled with bombs and passages for endless strategic approaches! You can sign up to the TASTEE Elite anytime for free. This membership grants you access [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – January 2018 | TASTEE Updates, Idle Intelligence Updates & Game Jams!

Happy new year! It's been a great start to the year at our studio! Here's what's been going on: TASTEE: Lethal Tactics Tournament of the Dead Results! The TASTEE team is finally ready to let Halloween go now that the Tournament of the Dead has reached its conclusion! This one of a kind competition tested players' resourcefulness with different rules for each round: every participant was required to add infamous bomber Hudson to their team for round one, the second round saw intel mercs like Augustus and Zeke banned, and the finals got rid of bombers altogether. These rules gave way to different strategic approaches and very close matches, where 3 rounds could go by with no kills [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – December 2017 | Happy Holidays from SkyBox Labs

It's been a very festive month in the studio! Here's what we've been up to: Idle Intelligence Alpha Launched You are an artificial neural network tasked with recognizing hot dogs. What could possibly go wrong? We're happy to announce that we've launched a new title under our SkyBox Workshop label, Idle Intelligence. It's still in alpha, but available to try on Kongregate.com. Your feedback is greatly appreciated while we continue to tune the title, and add features. -> Play Idle Intelligence on Kongregate Age of Empires II HD Patch 5.6 is Now Live! Patch 5.6 is now Live! Thank you to everyone who participated and played multiplayer games in the Open Beta. We really appreciate your dedication and [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – November 2017 | New TASTEE Content & Tournament + Charity Stream News!

We had another busy month at the studio! This month we've got news on new TASTEE content & events, partner projects, and a charity stream: The TASTEE Day of the Dead Skins Are Here We released our coolest DLC yet: the Day of the Dead Skin Pack! Featuring the 12 most colorful skins you’ll find in the game, the DOTD Skin Pack celebrates Día de Muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday where people celebrate deceased friends and family members with beautifully colored altars, among many other things. In related news: we’re also organizing a new tournament! The Tournament of the Dead will be the most challenging TASTEE competition to date since every round will introduce a different restriction: maybe [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – October 2017 | Happy Halloween from SkyBox Labs!

Happy Halloween! We've got a great update for you this month featuring a bone-chilling TASTEE update, and some exciting studio news.awesome April - here's what we’ve been up to: Announcing the Day of the Dead Skin Pack! We're happy to announce our latest set of skins - The Day of the Dead Skin Pack! This new pack includes 12 skins, featuring some of the wildest and most vibrant TASTEE designs yet including: Ares as Lady Calavera Denton as The Undead Desperado and The Baron as Barontula, the Spider King. As a special Halloween treat, we've added Seraphim's Day of the Dead skin to the game for free. She's available right now - just check your character selection screen! The [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – September 2017 | Watch the New SkyBox Labs Twitch Show!

Hey, we’re SkyBox Labs - a game studio based in Vancouver, BC, that does three things: Create, Develop, Play. We Create games, Develop games for our partners, and Play games! Congrats to the TASTEE: Lethal Tactics 'Beat the Devs' Tournament Winners! The Beat the Devs tourney has wrapped! Congrats to the three community members who came out victorious and took down our dev team: Passy Kundovich Wizaro Elementaro Lord Newbie Each of the winners will be taking home a custom 3D-printed prop from the game! If you'd like to see how it all went down, you can view their matches in-game or watch our recap on YouTube. In the meantime, stay tuned for more TASTEE updates and community events! [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – August 2017 | Introducing TASTEE’s Newest Map, Jurassic Narc!

We had an awesome August! Check out our new TASTEE map, and read up on Rise of Nations: Extended Edition's Cross-Network play! New Jurassic Narc Map, New Game Updates & More! Our newest TASTEE map is here - Jurassic Narc! Journey through the deep wilderness and claim your territory in this jungle fortress. Will you fight an uphill battle to take the bunker or will you mow down all who attempt to siege your throne? Jurassic Narc takes attacker vs. defender games to the next level. Get it here. We've also been hard at work building new community-requested features and fixes! We’ve added chat features, an all-time leaderboard for Daily Missions, and more! See the full patch notes here. In [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – July 2017 | New Prizes Announced for TASTEE’s ‘Beat the Devs’ Tournament

Hey, we’re SkyBox Labs - a game studio based in Vancouver, BC, that does three things: Create, Develop, Play. We Create games, Develop games for our partners, and Play games! Here's what we've been up to in July: Sign Up for the Next TASTEE Tournament and Beat the Devs!  We’re excited to announce our next TASTEE: Lethal Tactics community event: Beat the Devs! The rules are simple: Beat the devs, win a prize! This will be a standard async-match tournament – with a twist! Every player that advances to the finals will take on a member of our development team. If you can beat one of us, you’ll take home a special TASTEE prize! Winners will be taking [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – June 2017 | Congrats to All the TASTEE Tournament Winners!

Another busy month! This month we've got a great feature on our recently wrapped TASTEE Tournament! The Results are in! Congrats to TASTEE Community Member Rogdhor! Our second ever tournament is now over and boy, it was super exciting! The TASTEE ROYALE: Guns & Gladiators Tournament set the stage for the best TASTEE players to compete asynchronously, giving plenty of time for each player to plan their moves extra carefully and showcase their best tactics on our newest map: the Backyard Colosseum. We'd like to give a big congrats to the top 3 finishers: 1st place: Rogdhor 2nd place: ashley89 3rd place: ubq We're currently planning the next big community event! While the details are still secret, you can [...]


SkyBox Labs Monthly – May 2017 | TASTEE Tournament Finalists Announced + We’re Hiring!

This month we shine a light on three of our top TASTEE: Lethal Tactics players, Age of Empires II HD updates, and our studio's expansion! The Guns & Gladiators Tournament Update We've hit the final round of the TASTEE: Lethal Tactics Guns & Gladiators Tournament! Congrats to these titans of tactics, our finalists: ashley89 - a newcomer to the TASTEE tournaments. ashley89 can regularly be seen at the top of our monthly leaderboards. Rogdhor - our Daily Mission Deadliest champ, and writer of some of the best and most in-depth TASTEE guides. ubq - the first TASTEE tournament champion! Can ubq defend his record and remain the only person to own a TASTEE trophy? These are three of the best TASTEE: Lethal Tactics players [...]

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